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12.01.16 - In Memoriam

Yolexis Alvarez Ramos, wife of Maximo Roy Fernandez sensei of Bushin Dojo Cuba.

01.07.13 - Now accepting new students

Start the new year off by joining Fujiyama Dojo and begin your training in authentic Japanese Kobudo!



10.01.12 - ROM Visit

We have added a new photo gallery of our visit to The Royal Ontario Museum to see the Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan.


Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art that originated in the Aizu clan centuries ago. It was disseminated to the rest of Japan in the early 20th century by Sokaku Takeda (1859-1943) and eventually spread across the globe via his many students including Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido. Daito ryu consists of a large number of throwing, grappling, and joint-locking techniques including training with the sword and other traditional Samurai weaponry.

This webpage was originally published in 1995 and was the first site dedicated solely to the martial art of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu on the Internet. We were online long before Facebook, eBay and even Google!

Over the years it has been our pleasure to inform and entertain the many guests that have stopped by and e-mailed us kind comments. Thank you for your suport and we look forward to many more years of training and publishing online.


Fujiyama Dojo is a traditional Japanese martial arts school offering instruction in authentic koryu bujutsu to the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada since 1990. In addition to Daito Ryu, our dojo also includes the study of Kashima Shinto Ryu and Onoha Itto Ryu kenjutsu. Classes are open to the public and we offer a flexible training schedule for students of all ages.

For more information about our school or to book an appointment to visit and observe a class please contact us via:

telephone: (905) 680-6389


internet: www.daitoryu.ca

facebook: /fujiyamadojo.canada

Our private dojo is located in
Thorold, Ontario, Canada
(near the Pen Centre).

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