Te no Uchi: The Inside Hand
March 7, 1997 · 7:15pm EST · Posted by Fujiyama Dojo
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A simple weapon of arrest, the Te no Uchi is an extremely effective and defensive weapon. The Te no Uchi remains concealed until needed, since one of its uses is to create an opening by being thrown against the attacker's face in a "whipping" motion. The handle, made of wood or metal, is also used for striking or applying pressure on tsubo [pressure] points, and as an aid in disarming an attacker.

In the hands of a skilled individual, the Te no Uchi is a very versatile tool of control capable of striking, deflecting, throwing, or controling an opponent. However, most teachers refer to it as a weapon of arrest since it was designed to immobilize an attacker.

The Te no Uchi is used in several styles of ko-ryu bujutsu and the techniques are all similiar. It is often used against the knife and the short sword, but there are many techniques designed for use against the sword. The use of the Te no Uchi is based on awase and sabaki. The training for this weapon begins with avoidance of attacks (appreciation of distance, foot-work, body positioning, entering, turning, etc.). The weapon is incorporated later, and proficiency in techniques is measured by the fluidity and speed with which they are performed.


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